Write for Us!

Once you’ve had your Peak Experience, it becomes a story.  The stories of our members and friends and role models are what inspire us to keep climbing, and to keep pushing higher.  Starting today, Saturdays are going to be a showcase of stories – your stories.  If you’ve got something to talk about, tell us.  Even if you just send us a short blurb or a photo, we’ll share it with the Peak community.

Famous Cat | Peak Experiences

We’d love to hear about anything you want to tell us about, but the following are specific series we’ll be running periodically.

“Storytime Saturday.” Do you have an epic (or not-so-epic) climbing story? Tell us about it! If you’ve got some killer photos, we’d love to see those too! Anything about you getting out and doing what you love.

“Old Dogs New Tricks.” These are the stories from folks who discovered a love of climbing through their kids.  Since Peak has a huge contingent of youth climbers, it makes sense that parents might want to try it out. Sometimes, they decide it’s quite a lot of fun. If this is your story, share it!

“The Hangboard.” Training is a key part of climbing.  How do you train? Do you have a circuit workout you love? A campus routine that gets you swole? How do you mix your running and climbing? Share your workouts and tips!

“Occasionally Asked Questions.”  Is there something you’ve always wondered about climbing? Ask away!

Anything else you want to share with us? Want to just tell everyone about how awesome climbing is? Do it!



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