Our Mission

One does not climb to attain enlightenment, rather one climbs because he is enlightened. – Zen Master Futomaki

What a bridge.

Wikipedia tells us that a peak experience ”is a kind of transpersonal and ecstatic state, particularly one tinged with themes of euphoria, harmonization and interconnectedness”, and I suppose that sounds about right. There is a certain feeling that you get when you’re at the top of a climb – or, really, when you’ve finished any project in any form – that can’t be summed up in mere words.  These are the “peak experiences” that we will tell people about for years to come.

Peak Experiences Rock Climbing Center in Richmond, Virginia isn’t always this heady height of personal existential experience.  Rather, we are an indoor rock climbing gym that has been giving people the opportunity to push themselves since 1998.  Our mission over the last sixteen years has been to make these zen-like peak experiences accessible to everybody, no matter your age or ability level.

Visit our website or give us a call at (804) 897-6800, or check out our blog. This is a resource for all things climbing – news from the Richmond climbing community and around the world, plus stories and photos of our friends’ adventures indoors and out.  If you want to contribute something, have any questions, or just want to say hi, email Erin.


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