An Open Letter to the IFSC from Pro Climber Charlotte Durif

Pro climber Charlotte Durif is no stranger to the competition circuit, or to the SCS Nationals podium.  As a Petzl athlete, she is one of the faces of the sport, and she takes that role seriously.

Last month, Durif authored an open letter to the International Federation of Sport Climbing (IFSC) about anorexia in competitive climbing.  In her letter, she expresses frustration that the sport’s governing body does not address the issue, adding that she is “overwhelmed…with a sense of embarrassment, rebellion or helplessness, because personally, it is 8 years I have seen and suffered regularly.”  She cites the success of these athletes, the fact that “the general public and federations applaud these climbers as they impress with their ‘performance’,” then goes on to say that this “performance” is an illusion, caused by anorexia, which she views as a form of doping.

Durif’s concern extends to the young climbers coming into the sport, and she is “deeply ashamed to endorse this fact by [her] silent presence, as other young people take over and will have no choice but to suffer or submit.”

You can read the full letter on Grimper; it’s roughly translated but gets her point across.



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