Andrew Lee: Eat to Perform!

Today, Peak partner and all-around Fitness Guru Andrew Lee chats about one of the lesser-discussed aspects of nutrition. Do you have a topic you want him to talk about?  Let us know!

In order to maximize our climbing potential we need to maximize our health, fitness, and nutrition. We simply cannot out climb, cross-train, or run on a lousy diet. There are more marketers lying to you in this world than there are grains of sand in the Sahara Desert. The goal is helping you maximize your health, performance, life, and climbing potential, through educating and activating you to lead a high performance lifestyle.

Let's just pretend I always buy groceries this pretty.

Let’s just pretend I always buy groceries this pretty.

Some people swear by low carb or no carb diets. Some tell your to pop a prescription drug for the rest of your life (white coats can be the worst enablers for bad health). Some unwillingly convince you to start the newest and greatest workout program that will change your life. The truth is so simple it might scare you! Are you ready?

Your nutrient timing is more important than your actual food intake. Yes, your food is very important, but nutrient timing is even more important. The reason why people are fat, lethargic, and unproductive is because they listen to the advice they heard when they were younger and have 3 meals a day. While 3 meals is a good start, it is not necessarily  optimal to someone’s climbing, training, or life performances. To simplify results, try 5-6 smaller meals per day for weight loss, increased energy, and performance. For muscle gain and a lean body, have 5-6 larger meals per day. Rather than the food pyramid, follow the recommendations of and make sure to eat lean and clean.

If you maximize your nutrients, nutrient timing, and training you WILL BE the unstoppable climber who everyone talks about.

ed note: As with any potentially major change, consult a dietician or other nutrition specialist before making changes. Take time to educate yourself and be sure to listen to your body!

Andrew Lee is a Lifestyle Enhancement Specialist with certifications from the International Sports Science Association (ISSA) and the National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA). He can be reached through his website, facebook, or twitter pages.


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