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An Open Letter to the IFSC from Pro Climber Charlotte Durif

Pro climber Charlotte Durif is no stranger to the competition circuit, or to the SCS Nationals podium.  As a Petzl athlete, she is one of the faces of the sport, and she takes that role seriously. Last month, Durif authored … Continue reading

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Guest Post: How a ‘Fraidy Cat, Out of Shape Old(er) Man With a Fear of Heights Became a Rock Climber [with the aid of Keith].

by Kent Wietharn About 5 years ago, my wife started taking my son Kas (age 9 at the time) to Cliffhangers (now Junior Team) on Saturday mornings. Cliffhangers was an introductory climbing session for grade school age kids, lasting about 2 … Continue reading

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What Light Feels Like – a few words with Angie Payne

Last month, Angie Payne sent Freaks of the Industry, a V13 at Rocky Mountain National Park in Colorado.  In 2010, Angie’s ascent of “The Automator” made her the first woman to climb a confirmed V13, and Freaks of the Industry … Continue reading

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Andrew Lee: Eat to Perform!

Today, Peak partner and all-around Fitness Guru Andrew Lee chats about one of the lesser-discussed aspects of nutrition. Do you have a topic you want him to talk about?  Let us know! In order to maximize our climbing potential we … Continue reading

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