What’s UP (get it?) May 2-4

Kayakers looking for water | Peak Experiences

There was an ocean somewhere down there.

Look, I still need a better name for this, okay? I can only do so much.  But hey, happy Friday! It’s nice out (looks like the rain paused for a minute) and there’s tons of excitement coming up this weekend.

The James River is currently (at 9am on Friday) around 13.2 feet. That’s huge.  You need a permit to be on the water and you should seriously evaluate your skill in a boat before going out there. But if you do go, have fun and be safe!

If you want to climb, Peak is open its normal hours, with Open Climb rocking from 11-4 Saturdays and Sundays.

Peak News

The USA Cycling Collegiate Road Nationals are in town this weekend.  This is an exciting preview of the excitement next year, when the Road World Championships will be held in town.  It also means there are a handful of road closures, especially around the city.  If you’re going anywhere in the city this weekend, check out the road closures map to make sure you get there on time!

Contest! Want a free month membership? Do you want your t-shirt design on Peak’s next member t-shirt? Get your designs in!! Submit to retail@peakexperiences.com by next Thursday!

We launched a new feature this week – Wellness Wednesdays (how’s that for a catch title?) This week we discussed what to do about elbow pain, but there are so many other things you’ve been wondering about.  Is there a body part you’re not sure how to make more flexible?  Have you been wondering about the benefits of yoga, massage, acupuncture, or something else? Ask us – we’ll do the digging and tell you on a Wednesday to be determined at a later date.

Climbing Majorca | Peak Experiences

Yeah, I’m not gonna get to go there either.

Weekend Weather

Richmond, VA

Friday: High of 77 (same as last Friday, in case you’re keeping track) and a low of 55, which is lovely.  Small chance of rain.  Go hang out on the bike course and cheer people one!
Saturday: 73/54, with another slight chance of rain.  It’s gonna be windy though, so bring a jacket.
Sunday: High of 84 (hot!) low of 52.  Windy again, with very low chance of rain.  Go climb something.

Majorca, Spain

Friday: High of 70 with a 30% chance of precipitation, but hey, you’re still in Spain.  Low of 50.
Saturday: High at 75 with lows at 52, and a 50% chance of rain.  But hey…you’re still in Spain.
Sunday: Lows at a balmy 50 degrees and a high of 72.  No precipitation, 54% humidity.  AND you’re in Spain.  Let’s go.


About Peak Experiences

Love rock climbing? Me too. Peak is a giant box of climbing and fun, located in Midlothian Virginia, and has been around since 1998. Stronger Than Yesterday is our online resource for all things climbing, in Richmond and out in the wider world.
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